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It’s been a minute since I’ve posted progress about my journey.  I haven’t done any LIVE video broadcasts either.  Why?  Because it’s been easier to hide and wait out my storm, rather than face it.  I’m experiencing many lows that have made it difficult for me to focus on my journey.  I’m still committed.  But it hasn’t been easy.  I have to encourage myself to keep moving forward.  This update forced me to do just that!

Weight Loss Update

I lost 2.4 lbs since my August weight loss update!  I’ve lost 88.6 lbs since I restarted my journey in April 2015!  I almost didn’t publish this month’s update.  I started feeling sorry for myself at the lack of progress I had been making.  But God is always faithful to help you SEE what you can’t see in the moment.  As I was going through my clothes deciding what to put in the giveaway pile, God told me to try on the dress I wore to the Alpha Derby in 2015.  Whoa!  That dress was a size 22.  It was a designer cut and fit real snug in the waist.  But look at me now?!!!  Although my progress is slow, I am still making progress.  The pics don’t lie!







(Side note:  My workout clothes are too big now (size XL).  I need some new workout clothes (size L).  If you’d like to send me some cool gear to wear, email me at .  I’ll be sure to leave a fair review.  #youhavenotbecauseyouasknot)



1.  Starting Size 22/24  Current Size 12 (depending on designer and cut)

2.  Starting BMI – 48.1 (morbidly obese)  Current BMI 32.9 (obese) (down .4)

3.  Measurements tracked since November 2015:

Neck – 16”  Current – 14” (down .5)

Arms – 16”  Current – 13.5” (up 1“)

Chest – 45”  Current – 32” (down  1″)

Waist – 42”  Current – 35.5” (down 1.5 “)

Hips – 49”  Current – 42” (down 1.75 “)

Thighs – 29”  Current – 25” (down 1.5″)

Calves – 19”  Current – 17” (same)

(note:  Compared to Aug 2016 )



Visual Representation of Weight Loss

Average weight of 268 Guadeloupean Bananas



Average weight of a Professional Patient Lift



Average weight of a Nissan ZEOD RC 400HP 1.5L Turbo Engine



Non-Scale Victories

I gained some weight this month.  I lost some weight this month.  I made a decision to find things to celebrate that weren’t directly tied to the scale.


NYC Trip


I was blessed with the opportunity to travel back to my hometown of Brooklyn, New York.  I was able to surprise my mom as well as celebrate my birthday.  It was the first time I’ve visited since 2008!  I had a wonderful time with my family and friends.  But I also got my grub on!!!  There’s nothing like NYC food.  I knew I was going to eat because I didn’t want to restrict myself.  I got my slice of pizza.  I enjoyed my General Tso’s chicken with pork fried rice and an egg roll.  I had my turkey hero with cheese, salt and vinegar chips and a Mistic.  I even got a cheeseburger special from Kennedy Fried chicken!  LOL  I celebrated my birthday with my family at Dallas BBQ with their world famous Texas size frozen drink.  Yep, I drank the whole thing!  It was my birthday!!!  LOL  I found a soul food spot in my old Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood that was so good, T-roc Homestyle Cooking.  I had the honey bbq chicken wings, collard greens, macaroni and cheese and corn bread.  I had the peach cobbler for dessert.

What was interesting is that I drank water with all of my meals (except my birthday dinner).  I only ate half my entree and saved the rest for later.  I ate my entire slice, though!  LOL  But I still was able to enjoy my meals without feeling overstuffed or guilty for my choices.  I don’t normally eat like this, so I knew that I wasn’t going to binge when I came back to Atlanta.  This was a special occasion and I definitely took advantage of it.  I even tracked all of my meals via My Fitness Pal.  I was able to see when I was under, met or exceeded my daily nutrition goals.  This was my best trip back home ever!


Exercise on Vacation


Yes, I indulged in my favorite NYC foods.  But guess what?  I still completed my workout schedule.  I found a little spot in my mom’s living room and went to work.  Thank God for home workouts using your body weight.   I felt great.  I felt accomplished.  I remember completing the 30 Day Arm Toning Challenge on my girls’ trip at the end of May and feeling the same way.  NYC has so many exciting attractions and everything is easily accessible my public transportation.  I was able to get in more exercise by simply walking everywhere.  I’m so glad that God has changed my mindset towards adopting a healthier lifestyle!


Home Workout Routine


My home workout routine consisted of exercises from the Black Women Losing Weight Jumpstart Challenge. I only missed 2 scheduled workouts.  I replaced them with a power walk in my neighborhood.  So I still got in some exercise!  This is how I know that God is transforming me.  In the midst of my challenges, He is helping me to do what I can, exercise.  This is progress!

This month has been one of the most challenging since I’ve restarted my journey.  I am experiencing difficulties in my faith, family and finances.  I can’t control what is happening and it sometimes feels overwhelming.  But God is faithful!  He is helping me to remain committed to this journey by working with what I already have and doing what I can do.  I feel like a failure at times.  But when I complete these monthly updates, I am renewed and reminded that God will complete the work that He began in me.  I’ve come too far to turn back now.  With God ALL things are possible!  I will keep moving forward!  If God can keep me encouraged through my storm, He can do the same for you!  Be encouraged!


How do you remain encouraged through your storms on your journey?


Here’s my food journal from 9/30.  We had frozen food for dinner.  I know it’s not the healthiest meal.  But I did eat the suggested portion size and track it via My Fitness Pal.  I have been so distracted with my problems during the day that I haven’t been consistent with my water intake.  I can tell the difference when I’m not properly hydrated.  I must keep working on it.  My exercise for the today was 2 rounds of the Arms and Cardio Circuit Workout.  I can do 6 full pushups without modification.  Progress!




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