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I am a living testimony that God is faithful!  Even in the midst of my storms, I was still able to press forward on my journey of transformation.  I haven’t achieved all of my goals yet.  But I’m much closer to where I want to be than from when I first started.  I know that slow and steady wins the race.  This journey of transformation is for a lifetime.  I will Keep believing!  Keep Dreaming!  Keep Moving Forward!

Weight Loss Update

I lost 9.4 lbs since my September weight loss update!  I’ve lost 98 lbs since I restarted my journey in April 2015!  Can you believe that I’m only 2 lbs away from releasing 100 lbs?!!!   I thought I would have lost more weight within 1 year.  But that hasn’t been my story.  Instead of torturing myself with pity and condemnation, I was able to truly be grateful for the accomplishments I have made.  When I first started this journey, I knew I had a lot of weight to lose.  In the past, this fear of failure would have paralyzed me from even beginning.  But God!  He knew that I just needed to get started and that He would help me do the rest.  Here I am 559 days later, still losing and still moving forward.




1.  Starting Size 22/24  Current Size 12 (depending on designer and cut)

2.  Starting BMI – 48.1 (morbidly obese)  Current BMI 31.2 (obese) (down 1.7)

3.  Measurements tracked since November 2015:

Neck – 16”  Current – 14” (same)

Arms – 16”  Current – 13” (down .5“)

Chest – 45”  Current – 32” (same)

Waist – 42”  Current – 35.5” (same)

Hips – 49”  Current – 41.5” (down 1.5 “)

Thighs – 29”  Current – 24.5” (down .5″)

Calves – 19”  Current – 16.75” (down .25″)

(note:  Compared to September 2016 )



Visual Representation of Weight Loss

Weight of Merax 1.5HP Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine


Weight of Airmaster 20351 Heavy-Duty Hazardous Location Air Circulator



Weight of Farmhouse Apron Front Fireclay Kitchen Sink, 33″ 



Non-Scale Victories

I’ve been going through a lot emotionally these past few months.  I remained consistent with my workouts.  But  I had not been consistent with my meals.  I’m glad I am able to still look past my shortcomings and always find something to celebrate on my journey.


“ME” Time


Being a stay at home mom of 3 children (16, 12 and 6) is very challenging.  I am homeschooling my children while at the same time trying to blog my journey of transformation and develop my business Creations by LaKisha (creating handmade personalized customized completed cross stitch items to celebrate special occasions featuring inspirational scriptures of faith).  Finding “ME” time has been difficult.  I have to be creative with my time.  If you follow me, you will remember that I don’t like shopping.  LOL  I still don’t like to shop, but I’m learning how to have a different perspective.  Before, shopping reminded me how large I was and how challenging it would be to find outfits I liked for the price I wanted to pay.  Now when I shop, I am looking to see what smaller size actually fits and flatters my new body.  Of course, getting the right price is a win too!  When I tried on this dress that is a size 12P, I was amazed that it fit.  I’m still getting used to bridging the gap between my old vision of myself and my new reality of my current size.  I’m still a work in progress.  But I think I can get used to playing dress up!  :-)


Flexible Home Workouts


I have been blessed to be able to work out at home since I started my journey and still have success.  I’ve found great home workout routines on Black Women Losing Weight, Google, Pinterest and YouTube.  Through my live video broadcasts on Periscope, I was able to make a connection with Olivia Cagle of Fitabulous Moms Club.  She has created awesome home workout routines.  Check out her YouTube Channel here.  I did some of her workout routines this month.  I also added walking outside to my routine.  My walks have become my time of worship and meditation.  I look forward to this time where I hear from the Lord regarding my next steps.  I usually walk approximately 3.5 miles – 2x/week.  That’s approximately 7 miles week (minimum).  I logged approximately 28 miles in one month.  That’s more than a marathon!  Can you believe that I voluntarily walk this far, at a brisk pace?  This is definitely a victory!  I have also taken my kids with me on a walk.  I don’t walk at the same brisk pace.  But it’s a great time of bonding with my family.


Survived another Halloween


I love sweets!  I’m thankful that God has helped to change my habits and mindset towards sweets on my journey.  I am no longer a slave to my cravings.  I have been able to make different choices and not binge.  But it still can be a struggle at times.  My kids racked up with all of the good candy at this year’s Trunk or Treat on Halloween.  I had to put their candy in separate containers so they could keep up with their stash!  I didn’t eat one piece of candy when we got home.  This was a huge victory!!!  They had all of my favorite candy, but I didn’t have a desire to eat any.  When I do eat the candy, I limit myself to a few pieces and only eat that portion.  I still tracked the candy via My Fitness Pal to be accountable.  This is another great victory!  Check out my guest blog post here to get tips on how you can make healthier choices.

I know you wonder why I still track my days on journey of transformation since it’s been more than a year since I started.  (Check out my video here to see my reasons.)  Knowing that my journey is one day, one step at a time, helps me to remain faithful to my journey.  I can be grateful for my daily progress while still having great expectations for achieving my goals in the future.  I also want to encourage others.  You WILL have success, if you trust God daily and follow His lead.


How do you remain faithful on your journey of transformation?


Here’s my food journal from 11/1.  I missed lunch.  Yes, I did eat candy!  LOL  Of course, this wasn’t my healthiest meal choices day, but I still tracked everything.  Today’s exercise was cardio.  I walked 3.6 miles in my neighborhood!




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