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I continue to be amazed at God’s faithfulness towards me on my journey of transformation.  I was afraid to try to lose the weight again after experiencing many failures in the past.  I didn’t think that I would be strong enough to make the lasting changes.  I had become so accustomed to living with the pain and adopting unhealthy habits.  I didn’t believe that my life would really change at all.  But I HAVE changed!  I have changed spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically!

Weight Loss Update

I lost 4.6 lbs since my October weight loss update!  I’ve lost 102.6 lbs since I restarted my journey in April 2015!  Can you believe that I’ve released 102.6 lbs?!!!  In April 2015, I remember thinking that I had so much weight to lose.  100+ lbs looked impossible to lose.  But God!  There’s NOTHING impossible with God!  He encouraged me to take that first step on April 20, 2015 and to trust Him.  With His guidance, I would be transformed.  I am so grateful that I surrendered and made that decision.  599 days later, I did it, by the grace of God.  I still have goals to reach, so I’m not finished.  I will keep moving forward.





1.  Starting Size 22/24  Current Size 12 (depending on designer and cut)

2.  Starting BMI – 48.1 (morbidly obese)  Current BMI 30.4 (obese) (down 0.8)

3.  Measurements tracked since November 2015:

Neck – 16”  Current – 14” (same)

Arms – 16”  Current – 12.5” (down 0.5“)

Chest – 45”  Current – 31” (down 1″)

Waist – 42”  Current – 34” (down 1.5″)

Hips – 49”  Current – 41” (down 0.5 “)

Thighs – 29”  Current – 24” (down 0.5″)

Calves – 19”  Current – 16.625” (down 0.125″)

(note:  Compared to October 2016 )


Visual Representation of Weight Loss

Weight of a tall polar bear at the gravity of the moon



Weight of an average teenage girl



Weight of 1551 bunches of roses



Non-Scale Victories

I always celebrate my non-scale victories.  The scale just focuses on one aspect of my journey of transformation.  It is an indicator of physical weight loss.  But my transformation also reflects my spiritual, mental and emotional release.


Time to let it go!


Since I restarted my journey in April 2015, I’ve had a wide range of clothes sizes in my closet.  They ranged from size 16 to size 28.  I remember posting about my “droopy drawers” pants which were a size 22/24!  LOL  I did give those pants away.  But I’ve held on to other clothes that were too large.  Why?  Fear of failure.  I did not verbalize this fear.  But the fact that I still held on to these items confirmed my fears.  I was finally able to face my fears when my husband wanted me to check if I had items to donate for a “feed the homeless” event.  I was able to see the clothes in a different way.  I needed to release these items so that I could create new space for a wardrobe that fits.  This was scary because I had so many clothes to give away.  I  knew that I wasn’t going to have much left.  But I did it!  It was therapeutic!  Seeing all of the different sizes from 16 to 28 showed me how much progress that I’ve made since 2015.   Even my style has changed.  Before I would buy loose fitting items to cover the bulge.  I wasn’t comfortable in the skin I was in.  Now, I buy items that may be form fitting to show off my new curves.  Thank God for progress!  I am grateful that I am able to be a blessing to others during my journey of transformation!

New Confidence


I struggled with the idea of posting my transformation pics for this weight loss update.  I clearly heard God say, “Go deeper!”  I have made a lot of progress with sharing my journey.  In the beginning, I was fearful of trolls who would make fun of me.  But God reminded me that there was no shame on this journey.  My transparency was helping  myself and others to become free.  So I had to keep pressing forward.  Now that I’ve released 100+ lbs, I needed to show others who are struggling in this area what this actually looks like underneath the clothes and support garments.

At first, I was so focused on everything that looked “wrong.”  I saw the back fat, protruding stomach, stretch marks, flabby arms, cellulite, double chin, etc.  But then God quickly convicted me of this wrong thinking.  I was able to look at my new body with new eyes.  I have 1 roll of back fat instead of 3.  I can see my belly button instead of not being able to see it for months.  My top/bottom stomach areas have decreased in size where I can see my private parts without having to lift my stomach.  (note:  I know this is TMI but it is my reality).

Yes, I do have stretch marks because I lost over 100+ AND had 3 children.  These marks are not a punishment but a sign of victory!  I do have bicep/triceps muscle definition.  I can see it and feel it underneath the flab.  I do have muscle definition in my thighs and legs underneath the cellulite.  The fat underneath my chin has decreased.  I can see my neck and even see definition in my clavicle area.  I think for the first time since junior high school, I am able to wear size medium/large leggings!  I embrace ALL of my body changes on this journey of transformation.  Every change is a result of the hard work that I’ve done through Christ.  I will not be ashamed of everything that God has done for me!

As I continue to move forward on this journey, I will “go deeper!”  I know that I have more work to do spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically to continue my transformation.  I encourage everyone to keep moving forward one day, one step at a time.  You WILL make progress.  You WILL become transformed.  Don’t allow your timetable to discourage you from achieving your goals.  We are making lasting changes for the rest of our lives, no matter how long it takes.  Be encouraged!  Keep Dreaming!  Keep Believing!  Keep Moving Forward!


How will you “go deeper” on your journey?

Here’s my food journal from 11/30.  Today wasn’t a good day at all.  I had experienced some serious emotional blows and did not want to eat.  Yes, 599 days on my journey I am still experiencing storms that I don’t handle well.  But it’s OK.  It was a few days where I wasn’t on point with my meals or exercise.  But I’m back on track now with God’s help.  My storms aren’t over.  But I’m able to trust God day by day to help me make better choices.  I know that I’ve come too far to turn back now.



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