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A key component of a successful journey of transformation is exercise.  We must find a way to MOVE!  But if exercise hasn’t been a normal part of your lifestyle, it’s difficult to figure out how to incorporate it.  We can find so many ways NOT to work out and justify it.  But here are 5 reasons why I work out at home.



Who doesn’t love FREE?  On my journey, I’ve heard people say that living a healthy lifestyle can be very expensive.  So they use this as a reason NOT to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  While it is true that living a healthier lifestyle has its associated costs with foods, etc., you don’t HAVE to pay to work out.  You don’t need a gym membership nor a personal trainer to have a workout routine.  You don’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul to fund a healthy lifestyle.  You can still making working out a priority and not spend a lot of money.  I’ve been grateful to find all of my home workout routines online for FREE.  Google, Pinterest and YouTube are my friends!   I’ve found beginner’s workouts, workouts for bad knees and more.  Here are my current workouts for this month:  21-Day Arm Sculpting Challenge and Black Women Losing Weight July Jumpstart Challenge.  Don’t let money be a reason for you NOT to work out.




Many people say that they don’t have TIME to work out.  They’re too busy.  I truly understand.  I can relate.  I never believed that I had enough time to incorporate a workout routine.  My mindset was solely focused on working out at a gym or with a trainer in order to be successful.  But when God gave me clarity and a different perspective, I realized that I had more control of my TIME if I worked out at home.  I don’t have to coordinate with my husband’s schedule to get to the gym.  I don’t have to make sure that I have to rush through traffic to meet a trainer or get to a class on time.  It’s all on me.  I just review my workout calendar and complete the routine for that day.  If I know that I need to be out of the house, I’ll get up earlier to get my workout in.  Or I’ll complete it when I get back home. Now this was scary at first because I didn’t believe that I could be consistent.  But I realized that I’m not on this journey alone.  The Holy Spirit is guiding me every step of the way.  He helps me to keep my promise to myself and to Him to complete my workout routines.  16 months later I have created a new habit.    I’m working with what I have and maximizing my time and home.  No, I’m not perfect.  I have missed workouts.  But I am more mindful of my schedule.




The healthy/unhealthy habits that we have adopted set an example for our family regarding their own health.  What kind of example are you setting?  I know that I wasn’t setting a good example.  I was sedentary all day on my computer or watching TV.  Yes, I had my kids involved in sports activities.  But they never saw ME being physically active.  Now that I work out at home, they see my new healthy habits.  Sometimes, my daughter will watch me do my workout routines. She may even join me!  Daily, my oldest son asks what exercises I will be completing.  My husband sees my hard work, determination and consistency.  I know that all of my family is proud of my progress.  But I know that I am even happier that they are able to see the results of faith AND hard work.  They can follow my lead and adopt this healthy habit in their own lives.


The Importance of Pulling Exercises - Balance Pushing and Pulling
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People think that they only way to lose the weight is in the gym or with a personal trainer.  Of course you have more resources available at a gym.  The classes are great.  The machines are excellent.  A trainer can create a personalized program for you.  But these are not the ONLY way to obtain results.  Here I am 16 months later, 83 lbs lost and counting and I have not gone to the gym nor have I hired a personal trainer.  Check out my latest weight loss update to see pics of my transformation.  I am moving my body by working out at home.  I recently read an article ” Pull Your Weight: The Importance of Pulling Exercises” that confirmed the benefits of many of the exercises that I’ve already incorporated into my routines.  (Click the link to get more info about the benefits and details of the full body workout routine)  I have dumbbells so I am able to do these workouts at home.  I don’t have to wait to do them at a gym.   I am pleased with the results.  I see my arms, thighs and legs are toning up from this type of training.  My posture is also better.  I am still a work in progress.  But I am happy that I am seeing progress from my efforts of my home workouts.




There are so many different facets to a weight loss journey.  No journey is exactly the same.  But even though we know this, we still compare and have unrealistic expectations.  I didn’t know anyone who had lost the weight by completing home workouts.  It seemed like everyone had a trainer or was a gym rat!   So I was nervous about my own journey when God guided me in this direction.  But now I can encourage others who are being led in the same direction.  Working out at home forces you to reevaluate your relationship with yourself and God.  You can’t blame the gym or a trainer for your lack of success.  You can’t place all of your hope and faith on the gym and a trainer for your progress either.  You must place your hope and faith in God and yourself.  When you get up daily to complete your home workouts, you know that YOU did it.  No one forced you to do it.  But because you have submitted to the transformation process your will is being conformed.  You believe that you CAN do it!  So your dedication and consistency will reflect your faith and hard work.  This is what helps me to stay motivated on my journey.  I know where I came from and I know how far God has brought me.  If God can change my habits, He can do the same for you.  Be encouraged!


What home workout routines have you completed?


Here’s my food journal from 8/8.  I am more intentional with tracking my water intake.  I was out of the house and didn’t meet my goals.  But I’ll keep trying.

Today I completed 2 rounds of Body Weight Burn Workout Circuit and Day 5 of the 21-Day Arm Sculpting Challenge.





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